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Drain Solutions is a Melbourne based plumbing company specialising in Pipe Lining Trenchless Rehabilitation Technology also known as CIPP (Cured In Place Pipelining). Drain Solutions Pipe Relining Trenchless Technology enables us to permanently fix your pipes or drains with minimal or no digging, thereby reducing the disruption and costs of plumbing and reinstatement works typically accompanying excavation and replacement of pipes or drains.

Drain Solutions also provides professional services including sewer and stormwater drain cleaning, unblocking sewer and stormwater pipes, CCTV drain camera inspections, hydro excavation, potholing, cable and pipe location, water leak detection and sewer and stormwater repairs for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers. 

Drain Solutions have state-of-the-art equipment and technology to inspect and repair drains. Drain Solutions can unblock and clean any size pipes and/or drain lines for roots, grease, debris, mortar or any other obstructions causing a blockage.

Drain Solutions Pipe Lining Trenchless Technology